Trends of Car Design

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Automobile giants, as well as independent car manufacturers, realize that traditional approaches to car design live out their last days. Therefore, in recent years, we increasingly see different concepts of cars of the future. Let’s see what trends of car design have emerged to date.

1. Modular design of cars. People have been dreamed of this technology since the beginning of the XX century. Its essence is that the car body can be put on the universal platform-chassis. Thus, by purchasing one platform, you can get several cars of different formats (sports car and crossover, for example). In 2002, General Motors presented the concept of such an universal platform for a car. Today the company continues working in this direction (concepts Hy Wire and AUTOnomy). It is expected that in the near future this technology will become a reality and will be accessible to people with an average income.

Hy-wire modular concept

2. Paint and enamel of the new generation. Nissan has long been experimenting with anti-vandal paint. The Murano model itself heals small body scratches. In the future, most automotive brands will take this technology into service.

3.Projecting data on the windshield. The technology, which has been developed for aviation, is also relevant for cars. By 2020, it is expected that the serial cars will be equipped with full-color head-up systems. Ideally, it will be possible to project on the glass not only data on the internal parameters of the car, but also navigational information about the surrounding objects. The windshield will also display data from the night vision devices. All this will completely change the interior design of the car and the design of the dashboard. Now developments in this area are conducted by Harman Interactive, Tesla, Toyota and BMW.

4. Hydrophobic windows. Another achievement of the future is going to be hydrophobic windows, which repel water and prevent fogging. One of the first cars that utilize this technology has become the 2014 Kia Cadenza. In the future this function will become very common.

5. A car without a driver. Google, Uber, Tesla, Apple, General Motors, Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Volvo, Nissan – they are all engaged in creating cars that can move without a driver. Now there are two directions of development: for use as a taxi and for standard use. The former are characterized by small dimensions and a more futuristic design. The latter is not much different from other modern cars. A car introduced by Google in 2014 was not equipped with a steering wheel and pedals, it has been designed for 2 passengers. The design of the car differs from regular cars in shape and size. Among the advantages of such a transport according to its creators are increasing the throughput of roads by narrowing the width of road lanes.

Self-driving car

6. The era of plastic and carbon. Plastic has become more popular and will be used not only in the design of the interior. Body panels, chassis power elements, tires, suspension springs – all these elements will be made of plastic. For example, in the Ford GT, both the carcass and the body panels are made of carbon fiber. Bridgestone Corporation has developed a new design of automobile tires (similar developments are also been made by Michelin). They are made of plastic and do not need air. Such tires are not afraid of punctures, they weigh less, cost less and can last longer than regular tires.

7. New types of fuel. It has already been mentioned that the internal structure of a car affects its appearance. The lighter a car the less gas it needs. In early 2016, Peugeot and Citroen presented their innovative development – a car prototype with a compressed air engine, Air Hybrid. The car looks neat and is extremely economical. Another car of the future was the concept of Toyota FCV Plus, presented at the end of 2015 at the Tokyo Motor Show. The appearance of the car is very modern as well the idea it represents. A car with a hydrogen engine is able not only to provide energy for itself, but also to develop an additional energy (with the possibility of sharing it).
As we can see, the new ideas, concepts and developments have been shaping the automotive design of the future. It is possible that in 10 years new achievements in alternative energy, materials, and design will completely change the look of a car

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