New Technology in Business

New Technology in Business

New technology in businesses make it possible to organize production more rationally, in order to increase profitability of a company while reducing its expenses. Every business person tries to obtain stability and maximum efficiency of production. This makes it possible to introduce modern innovations into the business and effective future-oriented Read more…


Trends of Car Design

Automobile giants, as well as independent car manufacturers, realize that traditional approaches to car design live out their last days. Therefore, in recent years, we increasingly see different concepts of cars of the future. Let’s see what trends of car design have emerged to date. 1. Modular design of cars. Read more…


Alternative Powered Engines

Internal combustion engines (ICE) have been serving humanity for almost 200 years. However, their wide use turns into a whole range of environmental and resource problems. 26% of all emissions of anthropogenic greenhouse gases are caused by the burning of fossil fuels. At the same time, more than 90% of Read more…